FIRST AIRED: May 17, 2018

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>> We'll see what happens.>> Fielding a barrage of questions from White House reporters, U.S. President Donald Trump, Wednesday, acknowledging it was unclear if his planned summit with Kim Jong Un was still on.>> We haven't seen anything. We haven't heard anything. We will see what happens.>> This after North Korea said it might cancel the historic talk set for next month.
Putting out a blistering statement taking issue not only with pre-planned US South Korea military drills, but also with Trump's new national Security Advisor John Bolton's recent characterization of de-arming North Korea.>> And I think we're looking at the Libya model of 2003, 2004.>> In 2003, Libya agreed to give up its nuclear program and in 2011 its leader was beaten and killed.
North Korea clearly offended by the comparision. Reuters, David Brinstrom.>> Certainly what became of Ghadaffi is going to make the North Koreans think twice about going along that particular route.>> This latest twist follows weeks of victory laps from a more upbeat Trump. Trump supporters were already chanting for him to get the Nobel Peace Prize after Pyongyang released three Korean American prisoners.
>> Nobel
But now the North is using trumps negotiation tactics against him, threatening to cancel the summit saying it won't agree to full denuclearization.>> The United States has been pressing very hard for North Korea to commit to complete And in fact unilateral denuclearization, whereas North Korea agrees to the concept of denuclearization but feels that everybody should denuclearize.
>> The White House Wednesday cautiously hopful that the summit will go ahead as planned.>> And if they wanna meet, we'll be ready and if they don't, that's okay too.