FIRST AIRED: May 2, 2018

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>> So I just heard->> Another shakeup on the President's legal team. The White House announced Wednesday that Trump's attorney Ty Cobb, seen here in 1999, would be leaving at the end of May. Cobb will be replaced by veteran Washington lawyer Emmet Flood, who advised former President Bill Clinton during his impeachment.
Many believe this foretells a major shift in the President's strategy says Reuters' correspondent Warren Strobel.>> Ty Cobb who's departing the White House took a more cooperative strategy. Emmet Flood has a reputation of being a more aggressive. And the belief is that is President Trump wants a more aggressive strategy, especially in the wake of the FBI raids on the offices of his own personal attorney, which reportedly infuriated Mr. Trump.
Sort of interesting to note that Emmet Flood was one of the impeachment lawyers for President Bill Clinton. Very conservative by all accounts. He also served in the White House Counsel's Office. This is somebody who sort of knows both sides, he knows the White House side, he knows the Congressional side.
He knows the impeachment question, which is not on the table now but is certainly in the air. So it seems that he brings a lot to the table.>> No collusion.>> You may recall that it was less than two month ago that Trump attacked the New York Times for reporting he was unhappy with his legal team.
Since this tweet where he writes quote, I'm very happy with my lawyers John Dowd, Ty Cobb, and Jay Sekulow, two out of three are gone. So what's with the turn over?>> By all accounts Trump is a difficult client. Obviously he tweets things and says things that sometimes make his lawyers wince, and some would argue make his own case more difficult.
>> This comes as Special Counsel Robert Mueller's widening investigation has never been closer to the President. A list of possible questions Mueller would ask Trump was leaked on Tuesday. Plus Reuters learned this week that Mueller has considered the possibility of issuing a subpoena for Trump, if he declines to talk to investigators.
Trump criticized the leak of the questions, and tweeted once again on Wednesday that collusion is a hoax, and that obstruction of justice was a setup and a trap.