FIRST AIRED: May 15, 2018

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>> President Trump's pick to head the CIA, Gina Haspel is changing her tune. Now saying the spy agency should not have used waterboarding and other harsh tactics after the September 11th attacks. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington where Haspel last week refused to condemn the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques used in the war on terror.
Now, she's saying that the CIA's rough treatment of terrorism suspects was a bad idea. Telling a top senate democrat that the program is one that the CIA should not have undertaken, even though she claims it yielded valuable intelligence. This after Haspel angered many senate democrats for refusing to clearly condemn a program that critics say crossed the line in to torture.
>> Do you believe in hindsight? That's those techniques were immoral.>> I support the higher moral standards we have decided to hold ourselves to.>> Can you please answer the question.>> I think I've answered the question.>> No, you've not.>> Haspel is currently the CIA number two official.
She would be the first woman to head the spy agency. Many Republicans praise her decades of experience, democrats don't necessarily see that as a positive. She headed up a secret prison in Thailand where evidence shows that Al-Qaeda suspects were subjected to waterboarding, stress positions and other aggressive forms of interrogation.
Those methods are now banned, though Trump has called for bringing them back. Haspel said last week that she would refuse to restart the program that was not good enough for many Democrats and Republicans like Arizona Senator John McCain. Who is subjected the years of torture himself as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.
McCain now battling cancer, urged his fellow senators to vote no on Haspel. That's led to an uproar in recent days after it was revealed that the White House staffer said McCain's opposition to Haspel quote, "doesn't matter, he's dying anyway". The White House offering no apology for that remark.
Haspel’s new approach, appears to have won over Virginia Senator Mark Warner, the top democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. He says that he’ll now vote to support her nomination, this all but guarantees that Haspel will be the next director of the CIA. A final vote in the Senate is expected next week.