FIRST AIRED: May 14, 2018

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>> Tesla employees on Monday started the week with an email from boss Elon Musk about a company reorganization. Including high level management changes, adding more uncertainty at an already tense time at the electric car maker. All this follows production headaches that have slowed the Model 3 rollout. A mid-market car seen as key to the company's success.
Reuters correspondent Alexandria Sage has been following this story.>> We don't know specifics of this reorganization that Elon Musk has promised for Tesla. What we do know, however, is that a lot of top level executives have been leaving the company. And why that's important is because we're at a crunch time.
We're at a do or die moment for Tesla. Where they have got to master the manufacturing of this Model 3 vehicle, this is the car that promises profitability, finally, for Tesla. And so, for these Heads of Manufacturing, Heads of Sales, Heads of Lobbying to be leaving the company at this juncture, it's really quite a blow.
>> One of the executives who left, Matthew Schwall, joined Google's self car driving company Waymo. His departure raises eyebrows as he was Tesla's main technical contact with US safety investigators at a time when the electric car company is coping with a string of accidents. The National Transportation Safety Board said last week it was investigating a Tesla accident in Florida on May 8th.
The car crashed and caught on fire, killing two teenagers and injured another. It's the agencies fourth active probe into crashes of Tesla cars. Tesla's shares on Monday fell about 3%.