FIRST AIRED: May 3, 2018

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>> This is the charred of the map on what has been called an attack on the future of the Libyan people. Suicide bombers stormed into these offices, the headquarters of Libyan electoral commission, on Wednesday. Killing at least twelve people, according to the health ministry.>>
> This preach targeted democracy and the future of the Libyan people and in reality it did not target the commission itself. What was targeted today was the future of the Libyan people and the power of choice.
Men and women, and for what crime? The attack has been claimed by Islamic State. And appears aimed at derailing efforts to organize elections by the end of this year. A security official said several gunmen opened fire on guards while suicide bombers entered the building. Once inside they shot employees at close range, before detonating their explosives.
The polls for which no dates has yet been set apart of a UN-Led attempt to stabilize the country.
is is remain volatile since Muammar Gaddafi was ousted in 2011. Elections in 2014 were disputed resulting in rival governments backed by competing military alliances in Tripoli and to the East.
Since December the Election Commission has registered nearly one million new voters.>>
Wednesday's attack is the first of it's kind since 2015 in Tripoli, where violence has generally been limited to localized clashes between armed groups.
slamic State lost most of it's fighters in Libya when it was ousted from the central city of Sirte two years ago.
t authorities say it is still located in remote desert areas and has sleeper cells in cities, including the capital.