FIRST AIRED: May 16, 2018

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>> For years historians have been perplexed by hidden pages in Anne Frank's diary. Now Dutch researchers have uncovered their contents, racy jokes and a teenager exploring sexual education. Anne taped over two pages of her diary with brown sticky paper and no one knew what the Jewish teenager was trying to hide.
The secret was revealed by accident when researchers at the Anne Frank House Museum did a regular check of the diary's condition in 2016. They realized the underlying text was partly visible under strong lighting. And modern software would be able to decipher it. It ranges from jokes involving a naked man to explaining menstrual cycles and describing the mechanics of sex.
>> She was probably afraid of other people that she was in hiding with either her father or her mother, or the other family would discover her diary and would read these fragments. And so probably that's the reason why she covered them.>> The family hid with four other Jews in a cramped, secret annex for two years during World War II before they were betrayed by Nazis.
Anne died in a concentration camp at just 15, never knowing how famous her writings would become. The red and white checkered journal, bought for her birthday in 1942, has become one of the most famous documents to have emerged from the Holocaust. It's been translated into 60 languages and read by millions worldwide.
Anne had written about her sexual development elsewhere in the diary. And Director Leopold says the two pages don't change the Anne Frank we know, but do make clear that above all, she was also just an ordinary teenager.