FIRST AIRED: April 26, 2018

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>> A call for cash to ease Syria's suffering has fallen well short with the US failing to pitch in. Britain, Germany, and France were among those offering new money for refugees at a Syria donor conference. But as president Donald Trump cuts foreign aid, one of the world's biggest aid donors failed to pledge.
Washington is reviewing its Syria policy, and Trump has questioned the value of such aid. It comes as the UN refugee chief warns Syria is a deathtrap for civilians. Put simply, after more than seven years of fighting, those trapped inside the country are running out of safe spaces. In recent weeks President Assad, backed by Russia and Iran, has been pushing a military offensive to wipe out the last few rebel enclaves near Damascus.
Many are fleeing to Idlib in the north, this is now the largest populated area in the hands of insurgents fighting Syria's government.>> Let's not forget that Idlib is also an area where a lot of the fighters from other areas have been transferred. So if fighting moved more decisively to that area, it could be very dangerous for the civilian population.
And there's a lot of displacement already in Idlib, many people that are displaced and hence more vulnerable.>> Home now to 2 million people, war planes continue to target the area. But if the Syrian Army and its Russian and Iranian backers turn their full fire on Idlib, aid agencies are predicting suffering on an even greater scale than we've seen during sieges in places like Aleppo and Raqqa.
But unlike in those bombardments, this time civilians have nowhere to go. Turkey's southern border is shut, a looming showdown in Idlib risks a high human cost.