FIRST AIRED: April 30, 2018

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>> Prime Minister.>> British Prime Minister Theresa May appointed a new interior minister on Monday, trying to shut down an immigration scandal that threatens her own authority. Sajid Javid takes the place of Amber Rudd, a key ally of May's and a prominent pro-European in her divided cabinet. May's conservative government has been forced to apologize after some long-term UK residents from the Caribbean were declared illegal immigrants and denied basic rights.
Rudd said she inadvertently misled parliament last week by denying the government had deportation targets. But a newly leaked letter she sent May last year spoke of an ambitious but deliverable aim to deport more illegal immigrants. As Reuters' William James reports, the scandal shines a spotlight on May's own six years as interior minister.
>> Amber Rudd took a lot of flak for Theresa May. A lot of the policies that she's been heavily criticized for over the last few weeks were brought in under Theresa May. So in losing that safeguard, that shield, she's been described by the opposition as a human shield.
She becomes more exposed to the consequences of her actions when she was in Rudd's position.>> The revelations involved Carribeans from the so-called Windrush Generation. After one of the first ships used to bring them to Britain, they were invited to plug labor shortfalls.>> They've come to seek work in Britain.
And are ready and willing to do any kind of job that will help the motherland along the road to prosperity.>> But some were recently, and wrongly, told they were here illegally. In some cases losing their jobs, residency, and pensions. Instead of ending May's woes, Javid's appointment could upset the balance in her cabinet.
>> Theresa May's cabinet is a very carefully calibrated machine. In losing Amber Rudd, she's lost a very pro-EU voice and replaced her with Sajid Javid, someone who whilst he voted remain, is seen as quite Brexitee, quite pro-Brexit and immediately endorsed the Brexit course after the referendum vote.>> Rudd is the fourth minister May has lost to scandals in six months.