FIRST AIRED: April 26, 2018

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>> Justice has been done.>>
>> An emotional response outside a Pennsylvania courtroom Thursday after a jury delivered a guilty verdict against Bill Cosby in his sexual assault trial.>> We are very disappointed by the verdict.>> It's a stunning downfall for the 80-year-old, once America's best-loved comedian, found guilty on all three criminal counts related to the drugging and molesting of then friend Andrea Constand at his home outside Philadelphia in 2004.
This is Cosby's second trial after a deadlocked jury in the first failed to reach a verdict last year. And in this trial five accusers and Constand were allowed to testify for the prosecution. Reuters correspondent Daniel Trotter has been following the case.>> They all said that like Andrea Constand they were drugged and sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby.
The first time around, only one additional witness was allowed to do that, and she was seen as largely ineffective. This enabled the prosecution to show a pattern that it's not just the word of one person. It's not he said, she said. It's he said, and they all said six women in total taking the stands to testify against Bill Cosby saying what he did.
And even though the jurors were not supposed to take this into consideration, it also squared with what dozens of other women, 50 to 60 other women had also said about Bill Cosby going back over decades.>> Shortly after the guilty verdict was announced, Cosby lashed out to the district attorney Kevin Steel calling him an asshole for arguing to revoke bail which has been set at a million dollars pending sentencing at a later date.
>> Money and power or who you are will not stop us from a criminal investigation or prosecuting a case.>> Mr. Cosby, are you prepared to go to prison, sir? Cosby could face up to ten years in prison for each of the three counts. Cosby's verdict is being hailed as the first major legal victory in the Me Too era where celebrities have had their moment of reckoning around sexual harassment.
Cosby had denied any wrongdoing and his lawyers say he will appeal.