FIRST AIRED: May 2, 2018

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>> One of China's top economic advisers will meet Donald Trump's trade team on Thursday. Vice Premier understood to be Chinese President Xi Jinping's top trade mind, will lead China's effort at the trade talks, that's according to Chinese state media. The meetings will be the first time China in the US sit down face to face to try and negotiate a solution to a festering trade dispute between the world's largest economies.
Will be meeting with Trump's Economic A team. However, the US delegation is a mix of trade hawks and doves. And as Reuters' Ben Blanchett explains, there's growing questions over differences of opinion within the US delegation.>> You have people like Minuchin, who are much more of an internationalist, much more of a believer in free trade.
Then you have people like Navarro, who are much stronger on their concerns and warnings about how China has essentially decimated the US manufacturing industry.>> The US team will be led by Trump's chief trade negotiatior, Robert Lighthizer. Lighthizer said this week, he didn't want to change China's economic system, but he did want to stop the US being its victim.
>> It's not really clear that the Americans are coming here with a set agenda for what they exactly what they to achieve from these tools, so china doesnt really want to get sucked into a trade war. At the end of the a trade war is hugely damaging of course for the Chinese companies and for the Chinese economy.
So really it is really in both countries interests actually to resolve this issue. But at the moment it's kind of hard to see what agreements they're going to come to with just two days of talks with a surprisingly large US delegation. The New York Times, this week, said senior Chinese officials told them they wouldn't budge on two of America's biggest trade demands.
They said 100 billion cut in America's annual trade deficit and Trump's demand that China wind back it's commitment to investing in it's own advanced manufacturing capacity would be off the table.