FIRST AIRED: April 24, 2018

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>> Are you a military alliance looking for a new home? Then here's what $1.4 billion will get you. After a year long delay, NATO is finally moving out of its old 1960s building into a new Brussels Headquarters. Reuters diplomatic correspondent Robin Emmott takes us on a tour.>> So behind me is NATO's brand new headquarters.
It's been 20 years in the making. And in fact, many people think that NATO's already moved in because a year ago, US president Donald Trump came here to inaugurate the building. And they held a big NATO Summit here. But in fact, it's been a long, long difficult process with IT problems but NATO says things are finally resolved.
They'll be moving in, that's 4000 people moving in by mid June.>> It's the size of ten football fields, and amenities include a giant central computer system to act as a brain for the facilities, which is what lead to those IT problems.>> So now we're in the North Atlantic Council, this is the heart of the new building, this is where all of the big decisions are made.
And there are plenty of spaces around the table for the countries and room for new members, too.>> Decor on the grounds include a part of the Berlin Wall, rubble from the attack on the New York World Trade Center, and the signatures of the original 1949 North Atlantic Treaty.
But if the alliance is moving into a new building,
lk of a renewed cold war means it's facing resurgence of old threats.