FIRST AIRED: April 24, 2018

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>> Inside your door.>> When Amazon launched Amazon Key last fall, delivering packages inside your very home, some said the e-commerce giant was maybe going too far. Undeterred, the company looked for a happy medium. Somewhere secure but not too personal, where you might keep your junk, the trunk.
>> I needed a few birthday presents for my daughter and thought this would be the perfect use because she won't find them and the packages won't get stolen from my doorstep.>> On Tuesday the company launched the service for Prime members in 37 cities. Reuters correspondent, Stephen Nellis.
>> This is part of a long running effort by Amazon to have customers get their packages delivered any way they want so that they can feel like they're safe from being swiped off their porch. Now Amazon doesn't like to talk about it, but we all know that package theft happens fairly regularly in some areas.
So the company has had lockers in urban settings like San Francisco and Seattle since 2011, where you can get your stuff delivered. Last fall, they debuted what was called Amazon Key, where you could have an internet-connected door lock and camera system, where the Amazon delivery person could actually slip the goods Inside your front door.
Now that's not for everybody. Some people might have concerns about letting anybody they don't know inside their house. The car gives Amazon a nice intermediate option and the really good thing for Amazon is that in terms of reach, this is pretty good because millions of people have cars that can work with the system And it doesn't cost anything if you're a Prime member.
You just download an app and set it up.>> The service works with compatible cars by GM and Volvo. It taps the car's built-in unlock feature. An Amazon executive said the company cannot see or track the customer's car. Shoppers also get mobile reminders before, during and after delivery.