FIRST AIRED: April 28, 2018

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>> North Korea's state news agency has hailed the inter-Korean summit as a turning point for the peninsula. In a rare move, the coverage mentioned the denuclearization discussion but didn't go into specifics, instead highlighted the broad themes of peace, prosperity, and Korean unity.>>
>> During Friday's historic meeting, the leaders of the two Koreas embraced at the border after pledging there will be no more war on the Korean peninsula.
Kim Jong-Un and South Korea's Moon Jae-In say, hostilities will cease and an official end to the Korean War will be declared this year. They say they'll also work to rid the Koreas of nuclear weapons. Reuters' Malcom Foster is in Seoul.>> And these are all good things for the inter-Korean relationship.
But they only made a general commitment to denuclearizing the Korean peninsula which is also very important. They didn't lay out any specifics about that, so there's a lot of questions about how that's going to proceed.>> Both said they will work to make sure what was agreed upon Friday will be achieved.
The announcements followed a day of images that would have been unimaginable this time last year, as tensions flew higher than North Korean nuclear and missile tests. Skeptics have viewed Kim's move as a duplicitous attempt to buy time while others argue any real peace deal requires talking to the North Koreans.
Many of the thorniest issues, however, can't be solved by the two Koreas alone, leaving their leaders to focus on inter-Korean relations or trying to set the stage for Kim's expected summit with US President Donald Trump.>> The US is a lynchpin in any kind of nuclear or peace deal, and Washington has made denuclearization a precondition for any kind of agreement.
>> Moon also said, he's agreed to visit Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, this autumn.