FIRST AIRED: April 27, 2018

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>> How are you.>> I'm Paul Davis.>> Paul Davis is running for Congress in Kansas. His campaign flyers don't mention his party and he's unlikely to say unless you ask him. What he'll go out of his way to tell you is that he likes barbeque, dogs->> Don't look at me with those eyes.
>> And compromise.>> We've gotta have people who are willing to work with the other side.>> Paul Davis is a Democrat, one of many running in congressional districts long held by Republicans in this year's mid term elections. And if he wants to win his district, Davis needs the rural white voters who helped elect president Trump who won Kansas by almost 20 points in 2016.
>> I'll shake your hand. How about that?>> On a recent Friday, Davis met a few Trump voters at a barbeque competition in Osage City.>> I'm sure that the vast, vast majority of people in that room were Republicans. But, I had another gentleman that said to me, well, I'm a Republican, but I vote for the person.
And, I'm willing to consider voting for a Democrat and those are obviously the kind of people I wanna talk to.>> The push for conservative voters is part of a broader strategic shift for the Democratic Party says Reuters correspondent Jim Oliphant.>> For the first time in maybe a dozen years, the Democratic Party is recognizing the importance of white rural voters and actually making a conscious effort to chase after them.
Now that causes a riff with the progressives in the Democratic Party. And in fact one activist told Reuters that this is like chasing fools gold. That the Democratic Party has developed sort of an unhealthy obsession with getting back some of these Trump voters who are likely not going to vote Democrat, who are likely too conservative on issues such as abortion rights and gun rights to ever vote Democrat.
>> One of Davis's own volunteers confronted him about one of those very issues.>> I've never heard you talk about abortion. I know I'm gonna get asked when I'm on the doorstep of houses. Where are you on abortion?>> I tend to err on the side of letting individuals make those decisions.
>> That's gonna cost you with some conservative types.>> While Davis supports abortion rights he sticks to talking points about jobs and the economy.>> They're what I call the kitchen table issues.>> But it's clear Davis has his work cut out for him.>> I'm Paul Davis.
>> If a recent encounter with a Trump voter is any indication.>> Are you Republican?>> I'm a Democrat.>> Yeah, I'm sorry.>> Yeah, so->> Have a good day, sir.>> All right.