FIRST AIRED: April 27, 2018

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en as the US and North Korea get ready to talk about ending its nuclear program, here in central Alaska an underground field of missiles stand ready, the last line of defense if the unthinkable ever comes. To the unsuspecting eye, this sight two hours south of Fairbanks would seem like the middle of nowhere.
But under each of these metal covers is a 60 foot long missile ready to be launched at a moment's notice in an attack.>> This door behind me houses one of the 40 missiles kept here at Fort Greely to protect the United States from a ballistic missile attack.
This system was first created in 2004 by President George W Bush. Since then, test results for the system have been mixed with some succeeding and some failing.>> Three, two, one.>> But recent tests have proved more successful including this one from last May. And Brigadier General Joseph Streff assured me they are ready.
>> We are ready to respond in case of such an event.>> Director, direct to Los Angeles engaged.>> National Guard soldiers stationed here must be prepared at all times to play a life or death role.>> Direct to Los Angeles has been engaged.>> Captain Joseph Radke is one of them.
>> For us, that responsibility is what drives us. Not just that you're protecting the 300 million people in the United States, but it's also your family members, your friends.>> Director, target to Los Angeles, destroyed.>> On Friday, half a world away, Kim Jon-un met his South Korean counterpart in the first such meeting in a decade.
That, along with a possible coming summit between President Donald Trump and Kim, leave many hoping a facility such as this will never have to be used. But after years of bellicose rhetoric with North Korea, anything is possible and officials believe that it is critical that the United States is prepared.