FIRST AIRED: April 19, 2018

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>> We're looking forward to it. It would be a tremendous thing for North Korea.>> Donald Trump is hyping up a peace deal between the Koreas, but the idea is actually nothing new. At the moment, North and South Korea are discussing an agreement that could officially end their state of war which is still technically ongoing since the Korean war in the 50s never really ended.
It was put on hold instead with a temporary armistice, which left the two countries divided. That will likely be the main topic of discussion when Kim Jong-un meets with his South Korean counterpart next week. But as Reuters' Josh Smith reports, a peace treaty has been on the table before.
>> This is something that both Koreas have discussed in the past. They have even issued joint agreements where they both declared their interest in ending the war officially. However, in the past those have fallen apart. So if the two Koreas do agree to something similar this time around, then many people will be watching to see how this is different from past attempts that have, frankly, gone nowhere.
>> But what might actually replace the armistice is also in question. No one's confirmed what a new agreement might look like, and it would have to be signed off by everyone involved in the previous one. That includes the US under the UN, and China, but not South Korea who never signed it in the first place.
And that makes it that much harder for Seoul to push through any peace deal.>> There are some people who are hoping that some kind of peace agreement could be worked out, even short of any agreement over North Korea's nuclear program. Others, however, feared that that would basically allow North Korea to continue to possess those weapons long into the future.
>> North Korea has previously demanded that US troops leave the Korean peninsula, though experts say Kim Jong-un might be flexible on that. On the other hand, South Korea and the US say a peace treaty is possible
ly if North Korea agrees to give up its nuclear weapons.