FIRST AIRED: April 18, 2018

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>> Diana died at 36. Meghan comes into the scene at 36.>> Author Andrew Morton. He wrote the biography of Princess Diana that alleged her marriage to Prince Charles was on the rocks.>> Have you ever been in love, me?>>
Some 25 years later, he's published a new book about Meghan Markle, months before she marries Diana's son, Prince Harry, in a wedding that's captivated the world's media.
>> In a way, she's picked up Diana's baton. That she's both elegant, she's glamorous, and also she's a humanitarian. And so, Diana would very much have approved.>> When his book about Diana came out in 1992, it caused uproar. It portrayed a princess plagued by eating disorders and suicide attempts, and it depicted a marriage to Prince Charles that was broken beyond repair.
It was an international best seller. After her death in a Paris car crash, Morton revealed his prime source had been her.>> When Diana first entered the royal family, there was a long period, took a long time before she actually did her first engagement. And then, she was terrified.
With Meghan, it's an entirely different story. Here is a woman who's camera ready, not camera shy, a woman who is very confident, very assertive. Someone who took control of the engagement interview, for example.>> I didn't know much about him. And so, the only thing that I had asked her when she said she wanted to set us up was I had one question, I said, well is he nice?
>> Some extracts from his book paint Meghan as a social climber who's turned her back on people for fame and success, even sending her wedding ring back to her first husband in the mail. But Morton says it will be many years before her full story is told.