FIRST AIRED: April 21, 2018

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>> Magician David Copperfield was forced to reveal the secrets behind a vanishing act in court.>> No.>> Copperfield is being sued for negligence in Las Vegas by 58 year old British tourist Gavin Cox who says he was injured during Copperfield's lucky number 13 trick at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas in November 2013.
>> If we were forcing them to do it, all these hypothetical things, then of course it would be the fault of us.>> The vanishing act, which Copperfield has performed for at least a decade, involves 13 audience members who are brought on stage. A curtain is drawn around them, and a few minutes later, Copperfield pulls the curtain away, revealing that the 13 people have disappeared.
Copperfield points to the back of the room, where the 13 members reappear. Cox claims that soon after the curtain was drawn around them, they were guided off the stage through dark hidden passageways that eventually got them to the back of the room. Cox said the passageways were filled with dust and debris.
He ended up falling and dislocated his shoulder. He said he suffered chronic pain, and doctors found a lesion on his brain. He said his medical bills were more than $400,000. Copperfield's lawyers did not want the secret revealed to the public, arguing that it would financially hurt the 61-year-old magician, who is worth about $800 million.
But the judge disagreed, saying that the thousands of people who participated in the trick already knew the secret. The trick was revealed in court this week. Copperfield is expected to continue testifying on Tuesday. The magician and MGM, which is also a defendant in the lawsuit, say the passageways were clear.