FIRST AIRED: April 26, 2018

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>> After days of kissing, hand holding, back slapping, and vows of deep affection with President Donald Trump.>> I like him a lot.>> French President Emmanuel Macron executed a sharp U-turn Wednesday in his speech to the US congress, implicitly slamming Trump's policies on issues from the Iran nuclear deal to climate change.
>> We are killing our planet. Let's face it, there is no planet B.>> Macron said Trump opposition to the Paris climate accords was short-sided>> And I'm sure one day the United States will come back and join the Paris Agreement.>> But his most perfect remark seem to be aimed directly at Trump's policy reigning in immigration.
>> It can be tempting to us. As a temporary remedy to our fears. But closing the door to the world will not stop the evolution of the world. The only option then, is to strengthen our cooperation.>> Macron also took a shot at Trump's move slapping tariffs on imported aluminum and steel.
>> Commercial war Is not the proper answer to this evolution's. At the end of the day, it will destroy jobs, increase prices, and the middle-class will have to pay for it.>> The french president repeated his proposal for a new deal with Iran, but he again warned against scrapping the old one.
>> It is true to say. That this agreement may not address all concerns and very important concerns, this is true. But we should not abandon it without having something substantial and more substantial in this instead. That's my position.>>
>> Trump had tweeted earlier Wednesday that he was looking forward to the speech saying quote he will be great.
There was no immediate word from the White House on whether the speech met Trump's expectations.