FIRST AIRED: April 22, 2018

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>> It's no secret London is a smoggy city but how does it compare to others around the world? In these so-called pollution pods, you won't just see it, you'll breathe and taste it. Chambers emulating Beijing in winter, Sao Paolo where cars run on ethanol, the fresh air of Norway's Torture Island, London's' diesel fumes and then, New Delhi and its suffocating smog of burning plastic.
>> I suppose what for me is shocking, is I go in that environment and I think this is bad, but when you consider that people have to live in that 365 days a year, that's when it's really shocking, when you can't escape it>> Artist Michael Pinsky hopes it can show how excessive consumerism in the West causes far reaching environmental damage in the East.
>> Michael worked with scientists and chemists to safely replicate pollution in various cities, so while it's not dangerous to breath in in these pods, it's a massive assault on the senses it's hot, it's smoky and it smells. Hello.>> Hello.>> You've just traveled from New Delhi to Beijing, how was it?
>> It's quite intoxicating and, yeah.>> Did you smell anything, what did it feel like?>> Kinda like a damp, yeah it's kinda quite hard on your lungs.>> Chemically, chemically is what I would say, it's chemical>> Almost like car engines.>> The project estimates that exposed to these current levels of pollution, a resident of New Delhi is cutting their life short by four years.
>> Now I can feel it much heavier in here, a lot, lot heavier, lot heavier all the time on my chest
And it predicts the average Londoner could lose up to 16 months of their lives. Pinsky wants to take his installation abroad and hopes policy makers will take notice.
If he does, he may be able to make something so invisible visible to those who can make change.