FIRST AIRED: April 29, 2018

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>> The new US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, crisscrossed the Middle East on Sunday in an effort to muster support among American allies for new sanctions against Iran.>> Iran destabilizes this entire region. It supports proxy militias and terrorist groups.>> Pompeo made a brief visit to the Saudi King in the capital, Riyadh, before jetting to Tel Aviv to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
>> Strong cooperation with close allies like you is critical to our efforts to counterbalance destabilizing malign activity throughout the Middle East.>> The trip comes as US President Donald Trump considers whether or not to abandon the 2015 accord signed by the US, Iran, and other major world powers aimed at limiting Iran's nuclear program.
The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, removed international sanctions on Iran in exchange for Iran agreeing to end its nuclear enrichment program. Reuters correspondent Jonathan Landay.>> The Gulf states in Israel are Iran's main opponents in the region. And to be able to get them onboard in this, some kind of additional agreement, subsequent agreement, however you want to put it, would give President Trump additional diplomatic throw weight to use with the European allies, who are parties to the JCPOA, as well as with Russia, to a lesser extent with Russia and China, who are the other parties.
>> Trump said he will decide by May 12th, a self imposed deadline.>> People know my views on the Iran deal. It was a terrible deal. It should have never, ever been made.>> Iran says that if the US backs out of the agreement Iran could begin again enriching nuclear material.