FIRST AIRED: April 27, 2018

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A big victory for the bees and for environmental campaigners. The EU has banned bee harming pesticides. It's not only about saving the bees themselves, they say, they're vital pollinators and without them our food chain is at risk. Friday's decision follows years of campaigning against neonicotinoids. Which studies have long linked to the decline of bees.
Some 5 million people around the world have signed petitions calling for the ban.>> It's great to see that countries have seen what the science is, what farmers and what citizens in their home countries have been saying for years and years, and move to ban these poisons.>> Not everyone's happy.
Bayer, one of the industry giants that makes the pesticide called it a sad day for farmers. Some farmers say the ban is unfounded and will influence the choice of crops they plant. The chemicals had been banned on flowering crops for five years. But now the only place farmers will be able to use them is inside closed greenhouses.