FIRST AIRED: April 21, 2018

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>> Call the cockpit, please.>> For the second time this week, engine trouble forcing an emergency landing. An engine fire Wednesday on a Delta flight headed for London forced the plane back to an Atlanta airport. This time, no one was harmed, but that wasn't the case in a dramatic situation earlier this week.
>> AED, get the AED.>> A broken fan blade set off a mid air jet explosion on a Southwest flight which shattered a window and depressurized the cabin killing Jennifer Riordan, who was partially pulled through the gaping hole. That deadly incident prompting the Federal Aviation Administration to speed up an order that was already in the works.
Mandating a deep inspection on the engine, the same type that was involved in a 2016 explosion. 220 older engines are impacted, says Reuter's aerospace correspondent, Al Scott.>> To do it, you have to have an ultrasonic inspection. So it may not be a visible crack, it may be something internal to the fan blade that's cracked.
So it takes some time and the airlines were saying, look, we need longer period of time to come into compliance with this. The second engine failure, of what seems like a similar type, is certainly putting pressure on the regulators to move quickly on this. And it also highlights how long it took them to sort of respond to the 2016 accident.
>> Tuesday's fatality the first for US commercial flight since 2009. Andrew Needham, a Texas fire fighter on the Southwest flight, tried to save Riordan's life.>> I felt a calling to get up and do something, stand up and act. Anyway, at that time is when I went to the rear of the plane.
And what took place back there, I'm gonna leave out of respect for her family.>> The FAA will finalize the mandate in the next two weeks. Airlines will then have six months to complete inspections.