FIRST AIRED: May 24, 2016

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and other types of alcohols is involved. South Koreans have the highest per capita alcohol consumption rate in the Asia-Pacific region, so user products for hangovers is actually quite common.
As Reuters Ji Hun Kang reports, it's a brand new product with its roots in ancient tradition.>> This ice cream bar contains extract from the oriental raisin tree, which has been used since at least the 17th century as a cure for a hangover. Drinking is a dominant part of the South Korean business culture.
A lot of company employees go out frequently with their coworkers for drinking even on weekdays and a lot of heavy, heavy drinking with
>> Peddling supposed hangover cures is big business in South Korea worth a $125 million a year. And if these products worth they might even help the economy. And official study found them in 2013, drinking cost the country $8 billion and lost productivity, hospitalizations, and early death. These herbal drinks fly off shelves in the morning but they aren't exactly palatable.
That's for Gyeongju-bar hopes to stands out.>> I just had the product and it is actually quite yummy. So, I feel that a lot of people will buy it just for its taste.>> The popsicle have just hit the shelves and they're only available in the convenient store chain that makes them.
If the booze stats are anything to go by, employees are gonna need to keep their refrigerator stocked.