FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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>> US Back Fighters in Syria open a major new front in the first big ground assault since American Special Forces were sent in to the country. I'm Phil Stewart in Washington where we're learning new information about this major new offensive along the Turkish Boarder. You know that a certain number of the Special Forces are now participating in this operation to help the US Back Fighters advance toward Manbij town.
Which is the kind of the epicenter of this big strip of territory along the Turkish border that really is a logistics hub. It's a node for Islamic State to move fighters and resources to and from Europe. So basically by cutting off this strip of land along the Turkish border, United States and its fighters inside Syria, are hoping that they'll be able to isolate Islamic State as they move, eventually, toward going after their headquarters, the de facto capital, inside Syria, Ar-Raqqah.
Now, the second reason this is important is that it's gonna hopefully, cut off their ability to stage attacks in Europe like we've seen in Paris or in Brussels. Because right now, they're able to funnel fighters from Syria, train them there and get them into Europe where they might be able to stage attacks.
US Special Forces are gonna do whatever it takes to help these guys go forward but they're not gonna engage in front line combat. So, what's interesting is that this operation in Syria is having the same time that Iraq tries to mount an operation to go after Islamic State in Fallujah which is just outside of Baghdad.
And the two campaigns are not time to coincide. This is all happening north of the main kind of epicenter of Islamic State's power. But it's crucial for future operations to eventually surround, isolate, and then collapse Islamic State's power center there in Raqqa.