FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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>> Long lines at airport security check points have tempers already flaring. And a plan by Delta Airlines to jump some of its customers to the front of the line is likely to add to the outrage. According to Reuters Airline reporter, Jeffrey Dastin. Delta having bought 5% of a company called Clear.
which basically lets you jump to the front of the first bottleneck that you'll find in TSA security. Delta's going to give away that service for free to it's most elite flyers and discount it for other frequent flyers in Delta. Clear, which for most flyers costs $179 a year compares to TSA pre-check.
Which only costs $85 for a five year membership and can sometimes have a dedicated speed line at many airports. Some US airport operators are backing at Delta's idea. Some of airport officials are pushing back against Clear, because they say they lack the space to accommodate the program. It requires in many places, a lane, kiosks for users to scan their finger prints.
And they say, you know, they hardly have space for TSA, given that their terminals were designed years before TSA existed. At the same time, if they wanted to accommodate Clear, some of these airports would have to displace a regular line.>> With extra precautions following the airport attacks in Belgium, already escalating security wait times to three hours in some cases.
TSA staff down 12% and the passenger load expected to surge 15% this year. Airport officials are in no mood to face the fury of customers who stand online while watching others whizz by.