FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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>> 30-year-old Richard Huckle's crimes have shocked Malaysia, the authorities there now demanding details of the British paedophile's victims after he admitted raping and abusing scores of children, and even a baby in Malaysia, and Cambodia.>> I'm Reuters reporter Stewart Mattel at London's Central Criminal Court, where Huckle pleaded guilty to multiple charges of the rape of children as young as 13 and the sexual abuse of victims as young as 6 months old.
All his victims, the children of southeast Asia's poorest families targeted since 2005 while he worked as a freelance photographer gaining access through the church.
]>> Media reports say Huckle could have abused hundreds of children. Police in Kuala Lumpur are admitting they only know of 23 victims. They're now seeking more information, saying they only found out about the case from British police in April.
Huckle was arrested returning to the UK in 2014 after he boasted of his exploits online. Writing manual for pedophiles explaining on how to exploit children in poor countries, and how not to get caught.>> When he was arrested we analyzed the digital media that he was in possession of.
And we found over 20,000- Indecent images of children where he had captured the rape and sexual abuse of many, many children that he had abused from Malaysia and Cambodia.>> Huckle confessed he wanted to make money selling child pornography, and how meeting a three year old no one seemed to care about was like hitting the jackpot.
He's pleaded guilty to 71 charges, 22 of them carry life sentences. His crimes shocking a nation and highlighting a global problem, one that rights groups say is the tip of the iceberg.