FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2016

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>> For a campaign that's being chastised as project fear, this is the treasury's boogeyman. They say a UK exit from the EU could spark a year long recession. The message delivered by Chancellor George Osborne is also warned of breaks that might lower UKs GDP by 3.6% after two years.
The in-depth study claiming that's a cautious forecast based on a negotiated trade deal with the EU.>> Leaving the EU creates a huge amount of uncertainty, we have just two years to work out how to leave the EU. Two years to find a new working relationship with our European neighbors.
Two years to do trade deals with over 50 other non-EU countries.>> The repercussions deemed far worse if trade barriers went up with the rest of the continent. It is the latest government backed warning to allege people's pockets would be hurt by a break set. Voters have just a month to go until they must decide who to trust.
Polls remain too close to call, the betting markets see it differently.>> We see 90% of all the bets we've taken over the last four weeks in each of those weeks have been for remain. And that's kind of surprising just how confident the betting market seems to be that this is gonna be a remain vote.
>> Those bidding to keep Britain in the EU have consistently dubbed Brexit a dangerous gamble. And those voting with their pockets seem to think that message will come out on top.