FIRST AIRED: June 1, 2016

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>> Is now less than a month until Britain decides whether to leave the EU. If the out campaign succeeds on June the 23rd, then on June 24th, European leaders will have some very earnest discussions about where to go next. Reuters' Brussels bureau chief Alistair McDonald has been speaking to diplomats and officials.
And has drawn a roadmap to Europe, based on what he calls the four R's of Brexit.>> Regret, regret that Britain has decided to leave the European Union. Respect for the will of the people as expressed in the referendum. And there will also be resolve, resolve that the European project less Britain will go ahead as planned.
And we may see from France and Germany, the founders of the block in many ways. And from the binges of the institutions here in Brussels, ideas about moving forward integrating further. Going ahead with the project and making sure especially that doesn't start to break up. Now that brings us to the fourth R if you like, which you might call revenge or reprisal making Britain hurt.
People shouldn't perhaps, take it personally. But there is a view here that if Britain is deemed to succeed in leaving. Then that will inspire other eurosceptic centrifugal forces in Europe. We see for example, the far right French National Front.
] is the end of running in polls ahead of the French Presidential election next spring.
We see in the Netherlands, also very strong eurosceptic party and the number of other countries. So, there will be a coming together of EU to say, Luke if you want out, you're out. You have a couple of years to try and negotiate sometimes and wish to leave, but essentially we don't care about much.
We will put up trade barriers. You will be on the outside and it will be very painful. That is a message that we'll hear very, very quickly after a Brexit vote. In order as they say here to
to discourage other countries from trying the same.