FIRST AIRED: June 6, 2016

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]>> New York City police clearing streets early Monday morning, and residents waking up to shattered windshields and broken glass. All because of a single tweet from Kanye West. Okay, back up. The Grammy Award winning producer and rap star was supposed to headline the Governor's Ball Music Festival in New York Sunday, but organizers canceled the show because of rain.
Disappointed fans turned euphoric when this tweet spurred rumors of a pop up show at the east village venue Webster Hall.>> Everyone was running back to Webster Hall. So, there was just a mass group of people in the street and everything kind of got hectic really quickly.>> Too many people were trying to push into Webster Hall.
>> The venue couldn't handle the crowds and cancelled the show. That could have been the end of the night, but Kanye wasn't done. His wife, Kim Kardashian posting this video of her husband to Snapchat. Reporting to show Kanye telling someone on the phone to call the mayor, shut down the streets, put up video screens so he could perform outside.
>> So, like on social media, he was saying things like yo I'm talking to the mayor. See if we can do outside show. He's been riding around. Stuff like this but pretty crazy.>> It's unclear if anyone at the mayor's office took Kanye's 2 AM phone call>> But, the rapper and his entourage in their car circled the venue, and the mob chased the car.
>> We just saw a black Mercedes Benz pulling up and a whole bunch of people running, so we ran over to the car and it's Kanye West standing out of the roof of the Mercedes Benz. It was crazy. People were following the car like I've never seen before.
It was like a whole mob. He was shaking people's hands at first but then it go to the point, it was so crazy that he couldn't.>> Witnesses said one woman appeared to have a compound fracture in her leg. Police said one person was arrested for disorderly conduct and it wasn't Kanye.