FIRST AIRED: June 6, 2016

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>> The Supreme Court gearing up for a flood of high profile decisions on issues from abortion to immigration that could start rolling in as early as Monday, as it wraps up a term still overshadowed by the death of Antonin Scalia. Legal Editor, Joan Biskupic.>> This is really crunch month at the US Supreme Court among the now eight members of the bench as they finish up on so many socially charged issues
>> In the spotlight three legal blockbusters. A Texas law limiting abortions, the use of Affirmative Action at universities, and President Obama's plan to shield millions from deportation. In the abortion case, the court weighing whether a state law slapping tight rules on clinics like Planned Parenthood is really meant to shut the the clinics down.
>> This is a very tricky case and when you have a four-to-four, ideologically divided bench as we do now, if the Supreme Court deadlocks, even if it just leaves the lower court opinion in place, it essentially endorses this Texas law. Because the lower court here ruled the state of Texas could have these restrictions on abortion rights.
>> In the immigration case, the Justice is considering whether Obama's orders exceeded his presidential powers.>> Chief Justice John Roberts is trying to get them to decide something here. But let's say they end up splitting four to four, they would uphold the lower court ruling against President Obama.
Likely all the immigrants who would have been covered by this executive order would be out of luck.>> But in the Texas Affirmative Action case, a clear ruling is more likely. The case involving a white woman turned down by the University of Texas claiming she lost out to less qualified minorities
>> Justice Elena Kagan, who once worked for the Obama administration and was involved in the case, has recused herself. So that is one where we know we will not have a four-to-four deadlock. However the Justices decide this case could actually have reverberations nationwide.>> The Court aiming to have the three major cases, and a pile of others, wrapped up by the end of June.