FIRST AIRED: May 18, 2016

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Her golden carriage his silver tongue. Britain's monarch delivering her 65th such speech. The spectacle a crowd pleaser for an occasion steeped in tradition. Beyond the pomp and pageantry this is the mood music for some serious political business. Marking the opening of parliament and the setting of the government's legislative agenda for the coming year.
On more to support in Westminster, where this gives David Cameron his party some much needed respite for the chance to look at life beyond the inviting of the EU referendum. The Crowning legislation from her House of Lords throne, prison reforms build as the biggest since the Victorian era.
>> Prison governors will be given unprecedented freedom, and they will be able to ensure prisoners receive better education.>> But this speech didn't include controversial plans for a British bill of rights, just proposals.>> Proposals will be brought forward for a British Bill of Rights.>> That Tory election promise to take human rights decisions away from Europe languishing in the long grass.
Critics of the Prime Minister say it sounds like he's playing it safe.>> There were some major things missing, there was nothing about improving the economy, nothing about manufacturing, nothing about increasing productivity in the country. So to me that is a signal that this government really is ham strung by the European referendum.
>> And unlike in previous years Cameron's facing similar tax from Brexiteers in his party. This Queen's speech also putting the wheels in motion for some futuristic proposals, Britain's first space port and driverless cars. But despite David Cameron's best efforts that's all might be swept aside by talk of a Brexit.