FIRST AIRED: May 20, 2016

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>> Why did Egypt Air flight MS804, suddenly swerve and drop out of the sky, on a flight from Paris to Cairo? That's the task the investigators will be looking at. I'm Victoria Bryan, European Airline correspondent for Reuters, based in Berlin. The job of investigators, has been made a lot easier by the discovery today of wreckage from the aircraft.
Investigators will now see what wreckage they can find. They'll be looking at the parts of the plane. How they separated from each other. As that can all give clues as to what happened to the plane. Did it break up in mid air? Or did it break up when it hit the water?
Looking at the debris will answer these kinds of questions. They will also be looking at the injuries sustained by the passengers. As these can give clues as to what happened to the plane as well. On the ground, investigators will be looking at the histories of the passenger and crew.
And they'll be looking at the route the plane also flew, before it ended that final journey from Paris to Cairo. Also more importantly to recover, are the black boxes. These are two separate recorders. One records what is said by the pilots in the cockpit and the other records data from the plane.
These will be crucial in finding out what happened to that plane. As they will offer a clear picture of what went on in the cockpit of flight MS804. However, It can take days, months or even years for black boxes to be recovered. In addition, investigators will likely be looking at the previous stages in the plane's journey.
Where had it been before flying from Paris to Cairo. The disappearance of MS804 comes at a time of heightened security. It's possible that depending on what is the cause of the crash, we may see new security measures. Either at airports or on board planes. However, it's simply too early to say what caused this crash.
And as a result, what measures could possibly be taken to prevent a similar tragedy happening again in the future.