FIRST AIRED: May 31, 2016

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> Debris spotted in the search for Egypt Airflight MS 804. Greek TV and officials saying life vests and other objects have been spotted in the sea, some 50 miles South East from where the missing Egyptian plane last appeared on radar. A US Navy Aircraft now also joining the search.
The plane left Paris at 11:09 local time, on Wednesday night. It was supposed to arrive in Cairo around four hours later, but as it approached the Egyptian coastline, it vanished from the radar. Flight data showing something suddenly went drastically wrong. Athens' says the plane swerved in mid air, before plunging and vanishing.
Reuter's Lin Whitehead, is in the capital.>> It was a fairly tragic scene at Cairo international airport today. The families of the passengers and crew were gathered there for most of the day waiting for news, however very little information came out and many of them ended up leaving the airport distressed.
Some of them were in tears. Egyptian officials have provided counselors and doctors to help them cope. Some have been taken to hospital suffering from anxiety. It's not clear how long it'll take to find out what's happened to their loved ones.>> No one yet knows exactly what happened.
But some are suggesting it was likely intentional. Less in doubt, how many people's lives may have been lost. 66 passengers and crew on board. Among them, 30 Egyptians, 15 French nationals, 1 Britain and 1 Belgian. EgyptAir officials say the plane had sent an emergency signal, but only two hours after it disappeared, suggesting that it could have come from a locator beacon activated if the plane submerged in water.
Its last contact was with Greek air traffic controllers. One Greek Defense Ministry source revealing authorities are investigating accounts from a merchant ship. The flame in the sky east of Crete. At Cairo airport, relatives face an anxious wait. By now they should have been home with their loved ones.
Instead, most are fearing the worst.