FIRST AIRED: May 25, 2016

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>> Workin, learnin, earnin, votin, and cringin, in campaigners are dropping the g and maybe the ball. Young Brits taking to Twitter on Wednesday to ridicule a new pro EU campaign as patronizing. The video and posters urged voters to back the Romain camp in the June 23rd referendum, showing images of young people alongside a series of truncated verbs and capital letters.
The protagonists, young people engaging in supposedly typical activities, such as spray painting, parachuting and clubbing. The decision to drop the letter g from the end of all the verbs, in attempts to mimic the ways some young people talk, setting off a tidal wave of scorn on social media.
Students accusing the campaign of insulting their intelligence. Others using the hashtag Cringin' galvanizing the so-called easy jet generation is the serious issue for the in campaign. So they show young people of far more likely to be in favor of remaining in the EU, but far less likely to get out and vote Adding to that, the big day is during the Glastonbury Music Festival, and outside term time.
So many of university students may not be able to get to their polling station, or re-register at their home address. The grand finale of the video changes vote in to #votin. The old chaps at number ten, not quite getting it right.