FIRST AIRED: May 26, 2016

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aring its way back onto your screens, the nearly refurbished Top Gear premiers on the BBC this weekend with a new lineup of presenters, bizarre locations, and many, many new cars.>> Go!>> It is an exciting new era for Top Gear, and the reason for that is basically personality change.
It's had its time, its successful days. The people that were there before made it successful and did the whole marketing app. You know, the concept that was here is just an amazing concept, because the star of the show is about the car, and that hasn't changed. The British motor show hit the curb last year when infamous host, Jeremy Clarkson verbally and physically abused one of the show's producers.
Clarkson and his two former co-presenters left the British broadcaster and are now working on a new motoring show for Amazon.
Top Gear brought in two new guns. In the driver's seat will be British television and radio presenter, Chris Evans.>> That's a ban, that's six months in prison.
>> Side-kicked by former Friends star Matt LeBlanc.>> That is a big dude.>> Matt LeBlanc and I are the regular co-hosts of every show, of the new Top Gear. And these guys, guys like Sabine Schmidt, and Eddy Jordan and Chris and Rory and the stakes come in and out as required like expert NFL players being brought off the bench for specific plays.
The show has been known to court controversy over the years, having previously offended Argentines, Mexicans, and truck drivers amongst others.
And the new series isn't off to a great start either, making headlines last March, again, for the wrong reasons, when Evans apologized for a loud and chaotic car stunt filmed in London near a war memorial. Why is red?>> Strawberries.