FIRST AIRED: June 1, 2016

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>> Libya's backed UN government's taking the fight to Islamic State. Forces loyal to these so-called Unity Governments say they have liberated this town and pushed the militants back toward their stronghold of Sirte around 85 miles West of here. But with over 30 of their numbers dying, Reuters aid Louis in neighboring Tunisia says it has come at a cost.
>> They've gone quite a lot of way towards, probably further than they've been in the recent past. And so that was a bold move. But they've also, these loses that they've suffered are the worst that they've had for months. So it's unclear now how quickly they might try and push further towards Sirte and whether they'll just try and consolidate the gains that they've made.
>> Western powers have put their faith in the firepower of the new government. The US and others saying they are willing to arm its forces in the fight against Islamic states. But having only arrived in Tripoli in March, it's still struggling to assert its authority in the capital and across the country, especially in the east, where a different political body exists.
>> It's still trying to win support from eastern Libya and it's been unsuccessful so far in doing that. It's seeking to get formal approval from the parliament to the east and it's failed to do that. It's also being opposed by other political and military figures from the east who've been Increasingly, harsh in that rhetoric towards the anti-government.
>> That support may be key as they try to capture Sirte. Islamic State took control last year making the coastal city its most important base outside of Syria and Iraq. Campaign group human rights watch estimate as many as 1,800 militant fighters are based there. Retaking it will likely be the Unity Governments greatest challenge to date.