FIRST AIRED: May 28, 2016

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>> To the guard room. Quick march.>> Gibraltar is getting ready for a fight. 1,800 kilometers from London, and over 250 times smaller, the UK overseas territory depends on a lot more than just the British Crown.>> If Gibraltar and the UK were to leave the European Union, it would place us, it would place the border, the fluidity of the border, indeed the very fact of whether the border is open or closed.
It would place that at the mercy of Madrid. And that would be a very serious, have very serious economic consequences for us.>> 10,000 people cross the border everyday from Southern Spain, but commuting hasn't always been so easy. Three years ago, Spain imposed strict controls. And if Britain does the EU, many fear they'll do it again as the age old issue of sovereignty resurfaces.
> The truth is I'm really worried because if Britain leaves and the border is closed, I along with other 9,000 Spaniards working here will be out of work.>> The continental flavor is one of Gibraltar's key selling points. That and low corporation tax. But a Brexit would mean firms here would be subject to whatever deal London can get.
>> Gibraltar has a lot of commercial premises. People here, a lot of companies. And that, I think it will effect Gibraltar the utmost there.>> If I was living in England, I'd vote out most definitely. But I'm living here and my loyalty is to Gibraltar in the main.
So, I will vote in.>> Local polls suggest 88% back staying in the EU, but as the vote nears, it's clear Britain has never felt quite so far away.