FIRST AIRED: May 27, 2016

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>> Everyone seemingly has an opinion except as of now the British government. Referendum rules known as Purdum government bodies such as the treasury can no longer sway the debate. With civil servants falling silent there's room for more opinions, and we certainly have some here. I'm Rutger's reporter Jacob Greeves in North London.
Where this has been dubbed the Battle of the Balconies. Tony Barnett thought he'd go public with his wish to leave the EU.>> Right at the beginning, in the last referendum, I voted out. And as this one's getting closer I thought well, hell, you got a good balcony here.
Those friend and neighbor frank charmers figured a retort was required. Replying in kind with this slightly less official looking poster.>> Had a hernia operation a couple weeks ago, carried out by a Lithuanian surgeon, expertly done on the National Health Service. And my view is that Tony should be like that here, better in than out.
>> Further afield than this north London setting, the remain or leave argument is becoming increasingly heated.>> The national debate has been like a brawling match.>> Absolutely.>> It's been like a boxing match between senior politicians, and>> All these claims of Armageddon from both sides are alienating people, and we hope that by highlighting some of the issues.
It's got members of the public actually discussing what it will mean to them.>> Colleagues' families and neighbors it seems over the next couple of weeks few are likely to escape the referendum debate.