FIRST AIRED: May 26, 2016

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>> What I'm most concerned about is making sure that we actually have real party unity, not pretend party unity.>> Even pretend unity looking like a stretch for Paul Ryan's Republicans Thursday, with Donald Trump coming off a two day binge of insulting and taunting his former campaign rivals and party holdouts from New Mexico to California.
>> Ted talked badly, if they talk badly, you talk badly, that's the way it works.>> The House Speaker and most powerful elected Republican on Thursday, still withholding his endorsement, leaving the party struggling to put the pieces back together. Emily Stevenson is on the trail with Trump in North Dakota.
>> Donald Trump has been continuing to attack establishment Republicans. In a rally at Anaheim California yesterday, he went after Mitt Romney.>> He choked like a dog. You ever see him in athletics? He's a choker.>> He joked about Jeb Bush being low energy, he criticized Bill Krystal, who's a conservative commentator.
And in a rally in Albuquerque on Tuesday, he criticized New Mexico governor Susana Martinez, who is sort of a rising star in the Republican Party.>> We have to get your governor to get going. She's gotta do a better job, okay?>> And these attacks are really worrying Republican leaders who want to build party unity.
And these kind of continuing attacks on establishment Republicans make it a lot harder for these leaders in the party to get behind Trump. Their other concern, of course, is down-ballot Republican races, House and Senate races, and they're worried that if Trump alienates Republicans from across the country, that it will be a lot harder for those people to win those tougher races.
>> Trump can point to a line of Republicans in Congress who now say they'll back him. That putting more pressure on Ryan to get off the fence.