FIRST AIRED: May 31, 2016

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>> NATO is sleepwalking into a war with Russia, according to a man who just two years ago was the highest ranking European in NATO.>> The words war is almost inevitable, why almost inevitable?>> Well, unless we deter, I just have this ghastly thought that, fear that we drift into the sort of situation, which could result in the most ghastly outcome for us all.
>> Since Russia's annexation of the two powers have come into increasing close contact and for formal general, there's one dash point in particular. What I want to do here is just put a spotlight on the Baltic states as being particularly vulnerable at the moment, but they needn't be, and that's the point.
What we're in the business of doing is ensuring that the events I outlined stay firmly in the realms of fiction rather than reality. His call for more conventional capability in the Baltics also meant for military planners ahead of a key NATO summit in July.>> If you don't have anything there, Mr Putin might or a Defense Planner might just be tempted to bite off a chunk of the Baltic states, which would be catastrophic.
Because that would be war with NATO and indeed because the Russians hard wire nuclear thinking into every aspect of their defense capability. That could be nuclear war as well.>> Richard Sherriff is trying to sell a book, and it's title 2017 War With Russia is designed to do just that.
But his level of experience has sparked wide interest in his warning, even if this is the view from just one side of an increasingly fortified divide.