FIRST AIRED: February 6, 2018

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>> The battle over self-driving landed on Monday before a jury in San Francisco's Federal Court. It's Google's Waymo versus Uber. Waymo sued Uber almost a year ago, saying one of its former engineers, Anthony Levandowski, downloaded over 14,000 confidential files, including designs for autonomous vehicles before he went on to lead Uber's self-driving car unit in 2016.
Uber says the data from those files never made their way into its self-driving car designs. It later fired Levandowski because he refused to cooperate with Uber in the Waymo lawsuit Reuters Alexandria Sage has been following this story, and was in court for the opening statements.>> The attorney for Waymo said that Uber was prepared to win at all costs the race to self driving cars.
That meant even breaking the law, which is why we're here in court today. Now, Uber denies all that, denies that it stole trade secrets, denies that it used trade secrets. But what it says is that Uber is part of a vast conspiracy theory that Waymo has thought up in order to get rid of its primary rival.
>> Waymo has estimated damages at about $1.9 billion, which Uber rejects.>> The jury will have to decide whether the trade secrets that Waymo says are theirs and were stolen were indeed trade secrets. They might be common knowledge, they might be things that Anthony Levandowski, the star engineer, knew about before he even joined Waymo.
And also, proving whether Uber actually took them, and incorporated them into its own technology.>> Court documents show it could be a star studded witness parade with nearly 100 potential witnesses. Including Uber's former CEO, Travis Kalanick and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Court filings also show the US Department of Justice is conducting a separate criminal investigation into the case.