FIRST AIRED: February 6, 2018

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>> Aah!>> Another Syrian child pulled from the rubble. Government jets are pounding two of the last remaining rebel held areas in the country. The attacks hitting targets in the North Western Provence of Idlib and Dinhata near Damascus. At least 50 people reported killed across both areas on Tuesday.
The deaths prompting the UN to call for an immediate ceasefire on humanitarian grounds. Reuters' Correspondent Lisa Barrington says, rescue workers are under huge pressure.>> Today I spoke with a member of the White Helmet Civil Defense Rescue Service in rebel held Eastern Ghouta. He said there is nowhere left for people to run to.
Previously, a bombing raid would last one or two hours and hit one area and then would stop. Now, every area is hit and there is no let up. This has got worse and worse every single day since the end of December, he said.>> UN officials want aceasefire to allow aid deliveries and the evacuation of the sick and wounded.
Local aid workers have also accused government forces of using chlorine gas against civilians.>> The UN today said it was investigating reports chlorine had recently been used in rebel held Idlib and rebel held Ghouta. For example on Sunday night doctors and rescue workers said barrels containing suspected chlorine substance were dropped on in Idlib.
At least nine people were hosed down and treated for breathing problems. The Syrian government denies using chemical weapons and says it cooperates with investigations into their use. The UN investigators have concluded that pro Syrian government forces have used the nerve agent Sarin and several times used chlorine during the war.
>> State media says insurgents killed three people in Damascus. While the UN says both sides are responsible for scores of deaths and injuries. These attacks come as Syria's long Civil War enters its eighth year. The conflict is estimated to have costed hundreds of thousands of lives. And forced more than 11 million people from their homes.