FIRST AIRED: February 6, 2018

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>> The fate of the Democratic response to a controversial Republican memo is now in the hands of President Donald Trump. He will review the classified document, and has until Friday to decide whether to permit its release or block it. On Monday, the House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously to release the document.
Ran by the top Democrat on the committee, Adam Schiff. It's a rebuttal to a highly contested Republican memo, alleging FBI bias against the President at the start of the Russia investigation.>> I think it's gonna be very hard for the White House, like it was hard for the Republicans on our committee, to block release of this.
>> The President boasted over the weekend that GOP memo vindicated him in the Russia investigation. Though Democrats and some prominent Republicans say that isn't the case. The dueling memos highlight a growing and extraordinary breach between the White House and law enforcement. And the President's frequent hammering of the FBI seems to be having an impact.
A Reuters/Ipsos released Monday found that nearly three out of four Republicans believe the FBI and Justice Department are trying to undermine Trump. Reuters polling editor, Chris Kahn.>> That's really significant, if you really think about what we're talking about. The FBI and the DOJ, this is our premier law enforcement agencies.
And Republicans, as a group, are much, much more supportive of the FBI, of law enforcement, of police, of the military. Much more so than your average American. This is the institution that they really reserve most of their public trust for. So when you see Donald Trump going after a particular institution.
You know there is going to be some kind of polarizing effect. Donald Trump has this ability to really kind of have a magnetic pull on how people feel.>> Regardless of the debate over the FBI's role, the majority of Americans polled by Reuters still think that Trump, or someone from his campaign, worked with Russia to sway the 2016 presidential election.
An allegation Trump has consistently denied.