FIRST AIRED: January 26, 2018

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>> The new XFL will kick off in 2020 and quite frankly, we're gonna give the game of football back to fans.>> After a 17 year pause, America's other football league is ready for a comeback. Vince McMahon, head of World Wrestling Entertainment, this week announced he was bringing back the XFL.
Reuters sports reporter Rory Carroll has more.>> When the flashy XFL debuted in 2001, the problem it ran into was that it wasn't football enough for football fans and not entertaining enough for the professional wrestling fans. Trying to straddle those two markets led to its demise This time around, McMahon is hoping to just present a better version of the game.
One that's faster, one that's safer, and one that's devoid of the political controversies that have plagued the NFL this year. The XFL was first launched in 2001 and only lasted a single season. But with NFL ratings down, and youth participation football falling, the competitive businessman, McMahon, saw an opening to rebuild the XFL brand.
>> The new XFL will be fan-centric, with all the things you like to see, and less of the things you don't. And no doubt, a lot of innovations along the way. We intend to start conservatively with eight teams, 40-man rosters, 10-game regular season and postseason featuring two semifinals and of course a championship game.
>> The XFL will relaunch in 2020 and it's still seeking a TV deal for distribution.