FIRST AIRED: February 8, 2018

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shallow grave don't pretend Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar the captives watch to the Buddhist neighbors ticket these three photos were given to Reuters by recalling Buddhist village elder and show key moments before and after the ten moving his execution of the village indeed to the grave diggers exclusively told Reuters at least two of the victims were hacked to death by villagers the rest were shot by Myanmar army troops it's just one bloody episode and wave of ethnic violence sent nearly six hundred ninety thousand in your Muslims fleeing the country however it's the first ever reconstructed photos in testimony not only from the victims but recalling udi's villagers themselves in addition paramilitary police officers gave the first insider descriptions of operations to drive out the running it confirming that the military played the lead role in the campaign in in the in the investigation of the Indian massacre is what prompted the arrest of two Reuters journalists Walloon intro so who murders Simon Lewis went to the ballot calmly refugee camp in Bangladesh sounds family members of victims who confirmed parts of the stories from the paramilitary police they're constantly getting hat and matching that up with what we're hearing from the other side of the border , we were able to get a pretty good account of the best time of exactly what happened in this village in fact what we found is that the army themselves cooperated with local but it , as we found in one particular case , January tenth prosecutors applied the charge Walloon intro so under the official secrets act carica maximum fourteen year jail sentence witnesses contradict the army's account of events issued the same day in important respects the military says the ten men were part of a group of two hundred terrorist attacks security forces villagers reported no such attack by insurgents venue witnesses revealed more details , views with schools villagers soldiers and police revealed more over a dozen villagers say the military organized Buddhist residents of Indian to torturing your homes though Fishel's have blamed Rohit insurgents were burning villages one village official says some members of the police looted row hang your property in order to sell it and the police officer say in order to quote clear Indians will hang your hammock was passed down the chain of command from the military they also say security forces wore civilian clothes to avoid detection during raids in response to Myanmar government spokesman told Reuters quote we're not denying the allegations about violations of human rights and we're not giving blanket denials and he added if we found the evidence is true in the violations of their will take the necessary action according to our existing law police spokesman also told Reuters he knew of no instances of security forces twitching villages were wearing civilian clothing but that the reports would be checked and scrutinized the army did not respond to requests for comment