FIRST AIRED: February 8, 2018

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>> Consider this, a wish list that reads, quote, all of their data, tagging, roadmap, pound of flesh, IP. Wait, pound of flesh? Uber co-founder, Travis Kalanick, in court Wednesday, defending using the term found in notes from an Uber meeting in late 2015 about self-driving cars. But the beleaguered billionaire denies Uber stole self-driving car technology from the Google car company, Waymo.
It's Kalanick's second day on the stand in the San Francisco federal court. Waymo sued Uber nearly a year ago, saying its star engineer, Anthony Levandowski, downloaded data on self driving cars and took it with him to Uber. Waymo claims the damages from that alleged theft near $2 billion.
But the trial is as much about Kalanick's competitive personality as it is about trade secrets, says Reuters legal correspondent, Dan Levine, who was in the courtroom.>> Waymo's whole goal with Kalanick is to make him look greedy. And so one of the big ways that they tried to do that today, is they brought up a text that Anthony Levandowski sent to Kalanick.
And in it, he gave Kalanick a link to the famous Greed Is Good speech from the movie Wall Street, Michael Douglas' Oscar-winning performance, and asked Kalanick, yo, did he ever read this? But meanwhile, they played the whole Greed Is Good speech for jurors. Obviously trying to connect them, connect Kalanick to this character, who is kind of viewed as a scourge of capitalism.
I think Kalanick did as well as he could. There's some emails, and some documents, and some language that don't look great for him. They're never going to look great for him. All in all, I think he did as well as he could do, given the evidence that he was faced with.
>> Kalanick's personality and the culture he built up at Uber was under intense scrutiny last year. In the end, Kalanick was forced to step down from the CEO position. But on Wednesday, after hours of grilling, he walked away with a smile.