FIRST AIRED: March 21, 2018

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>> Representatives of the US, North Korea and South Korea wrapped two days of meetings at this secluded site in Finland.>> The participants had a constructive exchange of views in a positive atmosphere.>> Constructive exchange of views, that's diplomatic speak for the meeting didn't end terribly. But what if any progress was actually made, the Finnish hosts wouldn't say.
Reuters, Simon Johnson, watched from the cold.>> In terms of the context of these talks, it's important to remember that it's a channel that both sides have been using for several years, in fact. But they're kind of informal talks and they're not official and the US don't send official representatives from the government or the State Department.
So these are important but they are a kind of separate track of discussions that have been going on for many years. And it's unclear how they are related to the recent diplomatic efforts to sort of kick start a peace process for North Korea and South Korea and a possible meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-Un.
>> We know the North's nuclear program was not on the table. We also know that in lieu of an official representation, the US delegation has typically consisted of academics, former government officials and other experts on Korean affairs. Pyongyang's delegation seen leaving their hotel here. A similar meeting between the North Koreans and Swedes went down in Stockholm a few days ago and they were just as tight-lipped.