FIRST AIRED: March 20, 2018

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>> Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman visits the White House Tuesday, his first trip to the United States since cementing his role as successor to the Throne. And his visit comes at a time when relations between Riyadh and Washington, is much closer than in recent years. Reuters' Foreign Affairs Editor Yara Bayoumy explains.
>> Here now, we sort of find a meeting of the minds between the Trump Administration and the new and ambitious leadership in Saudi Arabia who both see eye to eye specifically on the threats that they see Iran pauses to the region. And so the United States has been very, very keen to cultivate Riyadh as a strong partner in the region to confront Iran and what they both see as Tehran's destabilizing activities in the region.
>> Prince Mohammad, or MBS as he's known, is eager to maintain American support both for his social reforms, but also for his recent moves to consolidate power. He's accused of arresting and detaining potential rivals in an alleged political purge. The Regime says the arrest are part of a crackdown on corruption.
MBS wants America's blessing or at least its silence on the subject. And of course, he has a lot to offer the US as well. British correspondent, Steven Kaylen.>> New York is competing with London and Hong Kong at this point to hold the foreign listing of the biggest oil company in the world.
This is expected to be the largest IPO in history, so a New York listing would be huge for the US economy and huge for Trump.>> Trump has publicly called on the Saudis to choose New York. Potentially thorny topics could arise as well. These include the Saudis' bombing campaign in Yemen which has contributed to one of the greatest humanitarian disasters on Earth.
MBS will spend two weeks in the US and will meet with political and business leaders in Washington, New York, and Silicon Valley.