FIRST AIRED: March 22, 2018

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>> Type in how to build a gun on YouTube and you'll get more than 20 million results from how to make a home made pistol to an AR-15. But that will soon change after the platform, a favorite among gun enthusiasts issued tighter restrictions on videos featuring firearms. Starting in April, the new rules will ban demo videos on how to build guns and content that intends to sell firearms or accessories like bump stocks which came under fire after a gunman used the accessory to kill 58 people in Las Vegas.
While some gun enthusiasts vented fury, others were not surprised about the changes. Anticipating the move, InRangeTV which has 144,000 YouTube subscribers has even started moving its content over to Pornhub due to what channel owner Karl Kasarda says is a mounting plan by YouTube to eliminate firearm content completely.
>> InRangeTV, I hope to think on the cutting edge of this problem in terms of realizing the things on YouTube are not stable. And so quite a while ago now, demonitized our own content. We no longer accept any ad revenue from YouTube whatsoever. It works well on Facebook Full 30, which is a firearm-centric related distribution network.
And of course, most recently added Pornhub. But I can tell you that the Pornhub videos that are up so far actually have higher viewership than some of the other distribute issue network that we've been using for almost a year.>> Kasarda also took a stab at YouTube for continuing to host videos on how to make bombs and cook crystal meth.
The new policies on the Google-owned platform come as survivors of the mass shooting that killed 17 people at a Florida high School meet with lawmakers in Washington, DC. And days before Saturday's March for our lives rally organized by the same students to call attention to school safety and pressure lawmakers to act gun control.
>> Gun control, when do we want it?